Player events & playback sync

Iframely iFrames give you an option to listen, react or control embedded video playback with JavaScript using unified events-methods model.

That flow relies on cross-window communication via postMessage mechanism available for iFrames. To make it happen, Iframely adds JavaScript connectors for number of video publishers, unifying their various APIs into a consistent event model.

Say, you may listen to an event that video is paused or start video playback using your custom button. Our iFrames helpers can cover one use-case out-of-the-box: make sure that only one player is active at a time.

Player events API

Iframely events API follows Player.js spec, published under Creative Commons by our colleagues from Embedly.

  • Add &playerjs=1 to your API calls to get Iframely iFrames that follow Player.js spec. It works when Iframely iFrame is returned.
  • To orchestrate the players, you can get player.js library on GitHub, or simply listen to the specified events yourself.
  • If you use Iframely JSON as your API format, check rel array attribute. We add playerjs value there if we could make player be compatible.

Browser support

Please be advised that most browsers have caveats when starting media with sound. Please see the browser support warning in our Autoplay document. Therefore, consider muting your media before playing it, especially if there is no user interaction.

If a video with sound would not start when asked, please try to muted it first, then play again.

Supported publishers

Iframely recognizes YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Brightcove, Streamable,, Facebook videos, Wistia, all MP4 videos (+ friendly gifs) and MP3 audio, Office Mix, sendvid, playstv.

Click-to-play mode adds partial player events to all publishers with an autoplaying media variant. Albeit, with a “stop” function that reverts back to an original “not-started” state.

We constantly monitor, discover and add new publishers that can fit into unified events API.

Playback sync

The most common use case for player events is to synchronize playback across multiple videos on your site. So that when user clicks to play a new video — the one that is already playing will stop automatically.

Iframely covers this feature without the need to handle events on your side. Simply activate it in your player settings, and Iframely will let only one video play at a time (among popular players that we can control).

Quick demo

Here’s the playback sync in action. Try starting a video, and then another. It works across multiple browser tabs too.