Iframely media blocks for WordPress

Customizable embed blocks from 1900 rich media publishers. Including Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps.

Rich media

All-in-one embed block

Iframely supports various embed blocks, including video, audio, photo and images, slideshows, playlists, podcasts, infographics, charts, forms, surveys, interactives, maps, GIFs, documents, events, calendars and more.


Built for Gutenberg, with respect to WordPress core

Iframely plays natively in WordPress embed’s sandbox and Gutenberg blocks. It will detect URLs in your posts and replace them with customizable responsive media blocks.


Media options, exclusively yours

Not available elsewhere, Iframely adds native micro variants from external publishers right to your rich media blocks. Enterprise-grade editorial power for your WordPress.


URLs cards and recirculation

Increase session length and boost content strategy by promoting your content. Engage your users with URL preview cards instead of plain text links.

Best rich media

Iframely knows rich media from over 1900 publishers and growing. Video, audio, apps, photo and images, slideshows, playlists, podcasts, maps, 3D, forms, documents, puzzles, quizzes, graphs and infographics. You get all the new publishers automagically.

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Great fit

Natively responsive

Iframely media blocks are inherently responsive on all WordPress themes. Embeds will resize and fit your site’s design on any device, with a correct aspect ratio or a horizontal height.


Automatic embeds updates

No more empty placeholders instead of embeds in your posts. Iframely keeps your embeds up-to-date by refreshing the cache periodically and getting the latest versions.

You name it

Big tech publishers on board

Iframely makes sure that all your Facebook, Instagram, and Google embeds work seamlessly. Iframely also provides first-class AMP support making sure your AMP-powered WordPress site keeps running smoothly.

Trusted by 8000+ businesses worldwide

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a paid subscription for this plugin to work?

Yes. The plugin is powered by the Iframely cloud API which is subject to rate limits. We maintain a large number of integrations and widgets in the background and make sure your embeds work flawlessly. You can choose a $0/mo Starter subscription for pay-as-you-go usage.

What happens to embeds if I uninstall the plugin?

Since Iframely “extends” the standard embeds mechanism, all existing links in your posts will keep working as they would normally do. The links supported by WordPress will be replaced by standard embeds, and the rest will look like plain text.

Is there any trial period?

Yes. Iframely comes with a full-featured 90 days trial period. We also offer a no-fee Starter plan that includes 1000 free hits a month.

Does it work with WordPress Multisite and other plugins?

Yes. Iframely works nicely with Gutenberg, WordPress Multisite, AMP, Jetpack and other WordPress plugins, shortcodes and classic editor.

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