Embeds delivery
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Iframely gives you simple embeds API to have all the Web's best media on your site. Plus smart iFrames to deliver it straight to your users.

Give us a URL, and may the Web be with you.

Over 1800 domains

Iframely provides responsive embeds for your favourite rich media publishers and thousands more. Plus, we create previews for the rest of the Web. Embed at scale.

Instant iFrames

Optional iFrames accelerate your embeds and help them to stand out, yet never get in people's way. We handle every edge case and keep your users happy.

Simple API

Just send URL and get HTML code back. Connect once and get all features through same endpoint. It's the API you wish you built yourself, yet without the need to maintain.


Iframely is highly customizable and flexible. From individual embeds publishers to cards styling. We will help you with every step along the way. Word.

Sites displayed our iFrames in last 30 days
740 mln
a month
last 4 years

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