Rich media platform for today’s Internet

Iframely is a uniform delivery service for all your various rich media embeds and URL data.


All onboard

We love and care for all publishers, big and small, most popular and the longer tail alike. You get it maintenance-free, leaving you what you do best — your app and content.


Same API

Instead of thousands of publisher APIs, Iframely gives you a single endpoint to connect to and get all the data, today and tomorrow.


Everywhere you code

React, AMP or your regular CMS or JavaScript front-end. We fix publisher’s issues and make sure the media works where you need it most — on all your users’ devices.


Bells and whistles

Configure what you get and how you get it, including specific providers and individual URLs. Fine-tune yourself, or ask for quick help if you need more.

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Best rich media

Iframely knows rich media from over 1900 publishers and growing. Video, audio, apps, photo and images, slideshows, playlists, podcasts, maps, 3D, forms, documents, puzzles, quizzes, graphs and infographics. You get all the new publishers automagically.

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Your embeds are in good hands

Iframely solves the ever-growing long-tail challenge of rich media embeds by caring for numerous publishers and their differences. We focus on updates and coverage while giving you unified APIs to build upon and have your project done.

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Let’s move the Web, one URL at a time

We started Iframely in 2012 to help the rich media ecosystem grow — teams get all the publishers, and publishers get simpler distribution. We do our part well. It’s your turn now.