One API, all features

Connect via oEmbed or Iframely APIs once and get all the features through the same endpoint, simply by changing your API settings or adding query-string parameters.

Over 1800 domains

Iframely carefully parses URLs from your favourite embeds publishers and manually verifies many more. In fact, over 1800 more and counting.

Responsive Embeds

Iframely converts URLs to responsive embed codes, native or Iframely-hosted. It means the embeds will have accurate aspect-ratio and will resize, if possible, to fit your user's device perfectly.

Fast iFrames

Our optional iFrames make your page faster and keep it secure. They also "fix" native embeds when needed: "autoplay" videos, Flash on mobile, custom MP4 player, and more.

Summary cards

Iframely can generate a summary card as URL preview for general links. The design of the cards can easily change with our WYSIWYG editor to fit natively into your site.

Short URLs

The Smart iFrames can be sourced with a permament short URL. If used directly, the short URLs will just re-direct to original URL, but will give rich media and semantics to Twitter and Facebook.

Web-friendly GIFs

GIFs are great, but can be enormous. Iframely will automatically convert them to auto-looping MP4 files, several times smaller than the original. Your mobile users will love it.

Images and document files

Iframely will recognize direct links to images and will download, make it smaller if necessary, convert to progressive JPEG for your user's viewing pleasure.

Become embeds publisher

Iframely's promo cards will help you become embeds publisher in no time. Let your user copy-paste embed code with embed button and publish it for other apps to discover.

Support you can rely on

We love helping companies, big and small. Embeds projects are a team sport and we are happy to be part of it and be with you every step along the way.

You're in good company