Mighty URL engine for your next project

Iframely takes a URL as an input and returns its data, publisher’s rich media and own interactives. We then help to deliver it all to your users, today and tomorrow.


Intelligent web parsers

Iframely resolves URLs and gives you consistent semantics, rich media and all its shades, thumbnails and more.

Through big guys’ eyes

Iframely understands URLs optimized for Facebook’s Open-Graph, Twitter Cards, WordPress oEmbed and Google microdata, provider APIs and own rich publishing protocol.

White hat on

Iframely robot is recognized as “good bot”. It is free of shady tactics and respectful to publishers and their copyright choices.

Heuristic cache

Iframely orchestrates cache to be gentle on the publishers yet yielding accurate results. We use several pointers and invalidation triggers to deliver ever-green media.


Simple API

Just send us your URL and get HTML and data back. Connect once and get all the features through the same endpoint.


Only two endpoints to choose from and connect: complete Iframely data or a simple oEmbed connector. Both have the html field for you to embed.

“No code”

Instead of API calls, an option to use our HTML template and some JavaScript spice.

Best rich media

Iframely knows rich media from over 1900 publishers and growing. Video, audio, apps, photo and images, slideshows, playlists, podcasts, maps, 3D, forms, documents, puzzles, quizzes, graphs and infographics. You get all the new publishers automagically.

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Iframely interactives

We add some Iframely-hosted user experiences on top of publisher data and media. Use ours or build yours.

Cards and URLs previews

Engage your users with URL preview cards, just like they expect in a modern app. Change cards design easily in your settings.

Player events

Control top players with consistent JavaScript calls. Autoplay and mute. Or sync playback so that only one plays at a time.


Put a lightweight placeholder and load videos only when your user requests it. As a bonus, unify the branding of play buttons across your site.

Web–friendly GIFs

GIFs are fun, but not on mobile. We convert raw files into auto-looping MP4s to save your users’ bandwidth so that they can enjoy more.

User consents

You may ask for user consent before exposing them to third-party rich media. Add optionally for EU GDPR, or use for its privacy value.

Rich media

Display and delivery

Powered by a global content delivery network, Iframely iFrames help deliver media experience in a snap to all your users and all their devices.

Responsive embed codes

Rich media will resize and fit your site’s design on any device, with a correct aspect ratio or a horizontal height.

Async iFrames

Iframely iFrames do not block your page while they load. Iframely makes sure your page always gets top priority.


If async isn’t enough, we can show media just before a user needs it. For players, it means an image placeholder first, video — when ready.

Trusted by 8000+ businesses worldwide


Right fit for your stack

We’ve been there; we know the struggle. Iframely makes the best third-party content fit right where it belongs — in your app.

React and JavaScript

React, and other JavaScript runtimes won’t let you run third-party scripts. Iframely fixes this by hosting media in an iFrame instead.


Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages framework requires particular event flow and communications with the parent page.

CMS, WordPress and text editors

Integrated with CKEditor, WordPress and Gutenberg editor, Iframely is designed to work well with any content management system.

Content caching

We give content IDs for your rich media, so it’s easy to maintain the cache. While you sleep, iFrames update their content in the background.


Customize, fine-tune and white‑label

Change every aspect of Iframely via settings and query-string parameters. Power-up by a friendly support team you can trust.


Match cards, consents and click-to-play to your branding via WYSIWYG editors.

Each publisher

Media publishers provide different embedding options. Iframely can fine-tune the most common ones for you individually, just the way you like.

Each URL

With “per-URL” options, your CMS can have customization parameters for each URL. Built-in by default in WordPress and easy to add elsewhere.

Custom CDN

To white-label and cross-origin considerations, you may bring your CDN and ask Iframely to orchestrate interactives via it.

Good digital citizen


Iframely doesn’t keep any private or end-user data. Never did, never will.


We serve billions of requests a month from thousands of businesses — all with 99.99% uptime in the past eight years.


We strive to attend to most support requests in less than an hour for our enterprise clients and small businesses alike.


We respect terms from all the publishers, comply with rules and regulations, and facilitate you to do the same.

Ready to try?

Explore Iframely stack, or create an account instantly and start using rich media embeds. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.