Simple, consistent API

Connect once via simple JSON API. Configure it via settings or request parameters to change features you get. We'll maintain your embeds while you sleep.

Rich media

Choose what embed types work for your app or site. Iframely handles players, images and photos, apps, surveys and long-form readers.

Responsive embeds

Responsive is in Iframely's DNA. That's one single reason we started the service in 2012. Our smart parsers detect correct aspect-ratios and other fluid sizing.

Over 1800 domains

Iframely supports embeds from all the usual suspects. Cover your users' favorite media publishers and many more. In fact, thousands more, but we've lost the count.

URL previews

Generates a summary card as URL preview, or get enough data to build one yourself. Change cards design in your WYSIWYG settings.

Smart iFrames

Opt to display embeds with Iframely helpers. Make your site faster, and users happier. iFrames bring you cards, AMP support, click-to-play, player events, GIFs and more.

Web-friendly GIFs

Iframely makes GIFs a few times smaller by converting them to auto-looping video files. Let's keep your users' data plan intact.


Configure your API the way you want. Change the look of embeds. Bring your own CDN. Even become embeds publisher yourself.

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