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Save your team a few man-years now, and more so in the future.


A free plan for development and testing purposes.

1000 hits/mo

Free no overages

All core Iframely features:

  • Development purposes
  • 1900+ publishers
  • Embeds & URL data
  • via oEmbed API
  • or Iframely API

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Empower your website with Iframely URL data.

10 000 hits/mo

$4 per 1000 extra hits

$29 per month, billed monthly

Everything in Developer plus:

  • Production use
  • Single domain license
  • No “Powered by” icon
  • iFrames via API key
  • Summary cards
  • Friendly GIFs
  • Global CDN

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For your CMS team, authors, editors and readers.

100 000 hits/mo

$2 per 1000 extra hits

$99 per month, billed monthly

Everything in Professional plus:

  • Multiple domains license
  • iFrames via content IDs
  • Per-use URL options
  • AMP format
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

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Enterprise support and volume.

1 000 000 hits/mo

$1 per 1000 extra hits

$399 per month, billed monthly

Everything in Editorial plus:

  • Hard to exceed
  • Bring your own CDN
  • Custom parser requests
  • Priority change requests
  • Custom SLA available

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Frequently asked questions

What is a “hit”?

Iframely takes a URL as an input and provides the data about that URL in return (“resolving” a URL). The data may include HTML embed code that directly points to third-party rich media or, depending on complexity and your preferences, to an Iframely-hosted iFrame (“displaying” the URL). A “hit” works the same way for resolving and displaying: each hour a URL is active on Iframely, it triggers exactly one billing hit.

What happens if I go over the limit?

Every plan has a price per thousand extra hits. If you go over what your plan includes, we will charge for the overages on the last day of your billing cycle. If you’re on the “Developer” tier and are over 1000 hits/month, you’ll get an email notification and 24 hours grace period to upgrade before API is disabled.

Do my page views count as hits?

Your traffic does not affect Iframely billing directly. Depending on your caching strategy, each URL can trigger up to a maximum of 24 hits a day. Both while resolving URLs via API requests or displaying rich media via hosted iFrames and Iframely interactives. You might have 1’000’000 page views a day, or 10’000 API requests an hour for that URL, and it will still not exceed 24 hits a day.

What are the API license limitations?

“Professional” subscription allows commercial use of Iframely on a single web property only. Different databases indicate different business domains. “Editorial” and “Enterprise” plans add the license for multiple domain use. The free “Developer” tier is for development only and will deny requests from production origins after the trial period.

How many hits do I need?

It depends on your caching. Say you refresh URLs every hour or use hosted iFrames, your articles attract steady traffic for four full days, and your posts contain 2.5 rich media embeds on average. Then you get 10’000 / (24 * 4 * 2.5) = 41 articles a month on “Professional” plan; 410 — on “Editorial”; and 4100 — on “Enterprise”.

What happens to embeds when I cancel?

Hosted iFrames that link to a content ID will remain alive even when your key expires. iFrames that reference our API key require an account in good standing. Rich media embed codes you opted to have without our iFrames will need to remain in your care.