Web-friendly GIFs

Auto-looping MP4s instead of GIFs

Converting classic GIF files to auto-looping MP4 videos is web- and mobile-friendly approach, pioneered by Gfycat, Imgur and Twitter.

Iframely does the same. Here’s why:

Iframely MP4, 298Kb
Original GIF, 2.7Mb

MP4 version is nearly 10 times smaller. Plus, on mobile devices, our smart iFrames won’t load the video at all until the user clicks to play it. This saves user bandwidth and speeds up your mobile site.

How to activate

Iframely converts direct GIF links to MP4s automatically as long as you allow iFrames in your API settings. It is an HTML option.

The rel array in Iframely API format will include gifv value in that case.


You can make GIFs not to load until user clicks to play them. Just activate click-to-play in your API settings.

It is default behaviour of converted GIFs on mobile devices that do not support autoplaying videos. On desktop, it starts and pauses automatically when user hovers the GIF. For example,