Click-to-play videos

When Iframely knows that a video starts playback when it loads, we will prevent it by putting a video placeholder inside an iFrame. This way the actual player will load only when user requests it.

You can activate it as your preference for all publishers where Iframely has both regular and "autoplay" version. It will speed up your page's load time significantly.

Heads-up: Iframely can not fit auto-playing or flash-only videos into oEmbed API format. If you're using that endpoint and have iFrames disabled in your settings, we will not be able to give you an embed as it requires a click-to-play widget.

Example for general videos

Here’s YouTube video, which is wrapped into "video placeholder" iFrame: it waits for user to click the "play" button before launching a video. Thus, saving user’s bandwidth and page load times.

MP4 player

Iframely has custom MP4 player that also come with "click-to-play". Here's an example for Daily Mail video :

Change players design

You can change the design of click-to-play videos via our flexible WYSIWYG editor. Load a few samples from presets to get some inspiration:

Let us know if you need any help with it.

A word about mobile

On mobile devices, Iframely will use click-to-play approach only for MP4 videos and GIFs. For other providers, we'll show the original non-autoplay player to avoid double-tap to play.

This is due to the long lasting effect of early versions of Apple's iOS, which would not start a video except as a reaction to user gesture. This started to change in iOS10. But, regardless, most publishers would not honor autoplay variants of their videos on mobile as they yet have no way to tell if it was caused by user gesture or not.

There's HTML spec proposal to help with the user activation delegation. This said, we at Iframely trust click-to-play on mobile will be a reality really soon as it makes a ton of sense for everyone. Unfortunatelly, we are not quite there yet.