Result codes & error handling

If everything goes well, Iframely's response will have HTTP status code 200. If there is a problem with processing of your URL, Iframely will return HTTP error code in 4xx range.

The JSON body of the response will also include the error code and message:

        "status": "404",
        "error": "Iframely could not fetch the given URL. The content is no longer available at the origin"

The URLs that end up with error will not count hits towards your API usage. Morever, you can configure API through your settings to force error code if Iframely could not discover provider's media that matches your filters. Such URLs will not affect our billing too. See code 417 below.

The error statuses that you may encounter are these:

404 If destination URL is no longer available and origin replied with 404 or 5xx error
410 Gone. Similar to 404, but for URLs that were previously available but now return HTTP errors
401 and 403 For private pages that Iframely fails to fetch for processing
403 If API key or account can not be authorised
415 For unsupported media type. For example, ISO2022 encoding or direct links to Flash and JavaScript are not supported
418 Originally 408, time-out is returned when origin server takes too long to respond. Usually, we allow up to five 5 seconds. Iframely will wait 10 mins before re-trying that URL again
417 Last but not least, the "expectation failed". It is if you asked us to return it for URLs that do not match media requirements in your API settings. Learn more

In an unlikely event that you received 5xx HTTP error, let us know right away so that we can fix our server-side problem.