Omit embed.js and load it yourself

Iframely adds embed.js JavaScript to the HTML code when required for the individual embed. When you have several scripts on the page, browser will still load it only once due to caching headers, so there's no drag on user's bandwidth or your site's performance.

Omit script

You may opt to add &omit_script=1 query string parameter to your API call, if you'd rather load embed.js yourself and not have it in every HTML code at all.

This will also force all script-based embeds such as Twitter, Facebook and our summary cards be returned as <iframe> instead of default <a> tag.

Load script when required

As your pages may or may not have our embeds on it, we suggest the following asynchronous script that loads embed.js only when required:

If you use custom CDN option - please, source embed.js script from your own domain name.