Embed dialog for your site

Embeds dialog is an easy way to give your site's visitors an option to copy-paste embed codes of Promo Card or Summary Card to your site.

For example

Embed now

Click the link above to open example of Embed Dialog. It is shown as simple link so you can design your own.

Put it on your site

Put embed dialog on your site with simple HTML code that uses embed.js:

<a href="https://iframely.com" class="iframely-embed-button" 
    Embed this
<script async src="//cdn.iframe.ly/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Data attributes

URL and promo in the data attributes of the anchor element of Embed Dialog are optional:

  • if no data-url given, the script will use current URL as default;
  • if no data-promo given, the promo cards will be generated as a summary card;
  • you can use MD5 hash of your API key in data-iframely-key instead of unencrypted value to make it more secure.

The exact reference of the anchor as well as its inner text are not used by embed.js script and so are not important for Embed Dialog. You can put your own values in it.

If you'd like to offer multiple Embed Dialogs on the same page (say, with different promo URLs if you have multiple embeds on the page), your may use just one instance of Embed.js script. It will detect all anchors on your page with proper class name.

Customize the look-and-feel

Embed button is designed specifically for ease of your customization of it. You can put any icon, text or have any UI as anchor. As long as the class name for <a> element matches our selector, the embed dialog will work fine.