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We count URLs hits once per hour, not individual requests

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "hit" and how is it counted?

Iframely meters your usage by URL hits. A hit represents URL x hour and is counted for each unique URL, but only once per hour. Say, you can have 10 000 API requests or iFrame-views in an hour for a particular URL, and Iframely will count it as only 1 hit. A "hit" has proved to be a reliable metric of workload to our cloud.

Do my page views count as hits?

Your traffic does not affect our meters directly. However, our iFrames helpers are part of the APIs as they maintain your media in the background. iFrames register hits the regular way - once per hour. You might have 100 000 page views a day, but each iFrame will only register a maximum of 24 hits a day.

What happens if I go over limit?

Every plan has a price per each 1000 of extra hits. If you go over what is included with your plan, we will simply charge for the overages. If you're on "Developer" tier and are over 1000 hits/month, you'll get a notification and 24 hours grace period to upgrade before API is disabled.

Is there a rate limit?

Assume a soft rate limit of 50 requests per second. Iframely doesn't enforce it by default, but our support team may reach out to you to explore if your account is consistently over limit. There might be a problem on your side, or you need a custom CDN set up.

What are the API license limitations?

"Website" and "Business" subscriptions allow commercial use of Iframely on a single web property (domain) only. "Editorial" and "Enterprise" plans add multiple domains license. Free "Developer" tier is for development only and will deny requests from production origins after the trial period.

What happens to embeds when I cancel?

iFrame helpers that go with a content ID will keep working even when your key expires. iFrames that are linked to your API key require an account in good standing. Rich media embed codes you opted to have without our iFrames will need your own care.