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We count URLs hits once per hour,
not individual requests.

Free "Developer" tier gives you 1000 hits/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "hit" and how is it counted?

Iframely meters your usage by URL hits. A hit represents URL * hour and is counted for each unique URL just once per hour.

For example, you can have 10'000 requests or views in an hour for a particular URL, and Iframely will count it as only 1 hit.

In a sense, "hits" represent the number of hours your URLs were active in, regardless of the activity within each "active" hour.

Do page views count as hits?

Your traffic does not affect our meters directly. Smart iFrames are part of the APIs and will register hits the regular way as if you were making API requests - once per hour.

For example, you might have 25'000 page views a day, for a page with 5 Iframely iFrames. In that case, our billing counters will register a maximum of just 24 hours * 5 URLs = 120 hits that day.

How native embeds and smart iFrames differ?

Native embeds is raw media a publisher provides. Smart iFrames add security, make page loads a snap, and deliver configurable HTML options as required. Say, summary cards, GIFs and other widgets are only available through smart iFrames. If you opt for native embeds, please make sure to re-cache them often.

What happens to embeds when I cancel?

Smart iFrames that go with short URL will keep working even when your key expires. iFrames that are linked to your API key will return an error. Native embed codes you received via API will need your own care.

Is there a free option?

Our free "Developer" tier gives 1000 hits a month. Plus, we do not apply usage quotas during your first 30 days. There is also open-source version of Iframely if you ever opt to self-host.