Responsive Web Embeds
via simple API

Iframely acts as the links database for your app. Giving you responsive players, photos, thumbnails and whatever else it can find. Get yourself powered with 1594 specific domains and numerous others as generic parsers.

Try Demos

Like Twitter feed as gallery with thumbnails and descriptions, private chat or a text editor.

With all demos, click on link to see its details.

Ready to code?

API is a simple JSON with HTML field. Or even oEmbed.

Cloud API also has hosted widgets as responsive iFrame for security and SSL. Plus Flash on mobile fallbacks and handling of auto-play videos.

What People Say

Kelly Abbott


Iframely gives full embed object control and is self-hosted. Great coverage, and it's open-source - love it.

Jon Cianciullo


Saved myself a lot of time & effort. Feels good to keep focus on the core product while Iframely guys do their magic.

Mikhail Tabunov

Co-founder and CTO, Coub

It is very simple to start using Iframely Protocol both for site owners and content consumers.