Publish your promo cards

Iframely lets you become embeds publisher in no time. Promo cards for your site is a powerful way to drive traffic to your site and build your audience.

  • Create card embeds with the rich media and a link back to your side.
  • Say, you can just give us an eye-catching GIF that does a quick demo.
  • Or one of the players you have embedded on your page. For example, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, Imgur, Giphy, Flickr - you name it.
  • Give your cards to other apps via oEmbed and Embed Dialog.

For example

Cards are responsive and will look great on any device.

Try it now yourself

See our Klip To demo app to try this feature manually and have some fun experimenting. Take a look at our Promo API to attach media and create promo cards via API.

Tell Iframely which media to use for your own site

If we know which promo media to use, Iframely will automatically create promo cards for your site for all API requests within our cloud.

To specify the promo media for your particular page, include it in the page's meta:

    <meta name="promo" content="">

If that media attachment is recognized, Iframely will always generate a promo card for your page.

The other way to indicate which media to attach is to include it as &promo= parameter in the oEmbed discovery link on your page.

Let others to use your promo cards embeds

To get the best distribution possible for your promo cards:

  • Publish oEmbed discovery link in the head of your page’s meta.
  • Let your users copy-paste embed codes through Embed Dialog on your site.
  • If your plan allows, you can use URL shortener with your custom domain. The short URLs will include markup optimized for Twitter and Facebook, and will have players attached to it. See our Klip To app to get an idea.

Promo cards will automatically be available to other apps on Iframely cloud and to over 18’000 WordPress sites who installed Iframely for WordPress. However, open-source installations as well as other apps will recognize your promo embeds only if you publish oEmbed discovery link.

Also, if you'd like to build a custom user experience and present embed codes to your users yourself, use the Promo API to get HTML codes for your cards.

Change design of your promo cards

The look-and-feel of your cards the apps outside Iframely network will get can be configured in your Cards Settings. If you need any help with the styles - let us know.