Iframely API Endpoints

For both Cloud and Open-Source versions of API

Iframely API can return either full JSON with the list of embed links, or a simple response as oEmbed.

Each of the JSON response formats has it’s own API Endpoint relative address and set of get parameters:

Depending on whether you use Iframely Cloud API, or Open-Source API, the primary (absolute) host paths will also differ.

  • All endpoints are called using GET HTTP methods.
  • All URLs need to be URL-encoded.
  • All endpoints can accept optional callback parameter for JSONP support.

Cloud API

The API host for Iframely Cloud is at http://iframe.ly/api

Shorten and get ID or HTML

Iframely Cloud acts as the database for links and URL shortener. Each endpoint is treated as the way for you to shorten URLs and add it to your database. Iframely cloud will add id value to the root of API JSON. Repeat requests will return the same ID.

api_key is required, unless URL is from iframe.ly domain itself, like ?url=http://iframe.ly/ACcM3Y. (Get your FREE one here)

origin parameter is optional. You can filter URLs on your dashboard using origin as #hashtag.

The response will contain embed links and other meta right away, along with the short id for future reference. If you're using Cloud API, the response will also contain html of a hosted widget so that you don't need to render the embed code yourself.

Get URL data by ID

When you shorten a URL, you’ll get id in the response. This is the short ID of the URL in Iframely DB, unique to your account.

The short URL (with UI, if any) will be http://iframe.ly/{SHORT ID}. This is its permanent address.

To query data about this URL any time, you can make public HTTP calls to

The queries to this direct JSON objects do not count towards your plan’s limits.

Open Source API

The exact path to your Open Source API host depends on your config and setup you have in reverse-proxy.

Basically, it is:

The only differences in JSON format with Cloud API is the absence of id value and also the fact that full Iframely JSON is not grouped by rel in Open-Source API. To get it grouped, just add &group=true to the response. The open-source API also does not have html field, so you'd need to generate the embed codes yourself, depending on your app needs. See how.

Also, see how to install & configure your Open-Source host.